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    Hi everyone. I have a strange issue with my 700wx that started yesterday. If I go into WMP and select "My Device" as the location for music files everything works fine. However, when I select "Storage Card" and go to "All Music" or "My Playlists" I get "An unexpected error has occurred". I have tried soft resets, updating the library, removing and reinserting my SD card, resyncing with Yahoo Unlimited Music To Go and even restoring from a backup done the previous day. Nothing is working. I can however manually go to "open file" and open music files or playlists on the SD card. It seems like somehow the music library list is corrupted but I can't figure out how to truly rebuild it since the update won't work. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Hi guys. Sorry for wasting your time but this may be useful to others. After posting this I found a directory on the SD card called "MSMETADATA" and deleted a file within it called XMEMediaLibrary.mdb which is the database file containing the media files on the SD card. I then removed and reinserted the SD card which resulted in WMP asking if I wanted to search for files. It rebuilt the database which solved the problem.
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    Good to know. Thanks

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