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    I just recieved my extended battery from seidio. I put it in last night and it came with 1/2 power. I ran it all last night till it got down to about 3% before I plugged it in. This morning it had a full charge. I just checked my battery power now, and it is already down to 91%! It's been 1 hour, and I haven't even used the phone yet.

    Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong? I think my stock battery did better than this, and this is supposed to last longer.


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    I wouldn't necessarily put too much faith in the %.

    Use it for a while and see how much time you get in hours then start worrying.

    My 2400 mah battery dropped % pretty fast too but it never ran out.

    I just got the 3200 mah battery so we'll see if it does the same thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg View Post
    I just got the 3200 mah battery so we'll see if it does the same thing.
    From where??
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    Seidio as well, it also comes with the battery cover with reset hole and is only 3mm thicker than the original battery/door.
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    Well there's directly from the source:


    or how about from the Treo Central Store:
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    Hey lgreenberg, do you use silicone skin cases? If so, does your Treo still fit in its silicone skin case with this 3200mah battery?

    I'd like to get the 3200mah battery for my 700WX, but I don't know if my Palm Flexi Skin will still fit.
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    Hmm, I used to have skin case but no more.


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