Does anyone out there with a 750 use cingular video? If so when you watch full screen does it actually use the full screen? The reason I ask is because I was at the cingular store today and was checking out cingular video on the blackjack and when I selected full screen option it didnt actually take up the full screen it just removed the control bar and slightly resized it. Im not going to get a blackjack but do plan on getting a 750 and use the cingular video feature and was just curious if it also lacked a true "full screen" view.

As a side note I cant believe how light the blackjack is I was first checking out the 680 and went from that to the blackjack and was shocked. But I know if I got that instead of a treo I would end up kicking myself everytime I went to try and use the non existant touchscreen.