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    please tell me again how to get to the regristry settings. i think i will be alright if i can just get that part done.
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    Kwyatt, thank you VERY much for this. I still can't understand why Sprint shuts out the Windows users. Your hack also allows me to go to CNN Mobile, which I could not before.
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    well i guess this is just not for me because i cannot unzip the file you sent, neither can i access the registry, or vision on sprintpcs. i don't know how every body else is doing it. im going to bed now. sheeeze all i wanted was a confounded call tone on my phone and it's like cracking the code to fort knox. thanks for all of your help though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stroths View Post
    As you may have found out, there is not proxy setting on the Treo 700wx. A few of you have pm'd me asking for instructions on how I set mine up. Here is a quick write-up on how to do this.

    Click Start-> Settings-> Connections tab-> Connections icon-> Advanced Tab-> Select Networks

    Your default connection is listed and should be something like "My ISP". Click "Edit" then click "Edit" on the following page. This is your existing connection. Take notes of the settings on each screen as you press "Next" at the bottom. Do this until you see "Finish" and click it.

    Click OK to get you back to your network management screen. Now click "New" and fill whatever you want to name it under the General tab. Click the Modem tab and then click New. Put a custom name, click next, #777, next, your sprint username/password, Finish

    Thuis will bring you back to the main properties page of the new connection you created. Click the proxy settings and set the proxy address to Click OK to save which will bring you to back to the Network Management screen.

    In the first dropdown box, select your connection you just created and click OK. Now your phone will use this connection profile going forward.

    Combine this with the registry settings and you can access the vision page. Please note the issues I mentioned previously.
    So if I understand right, switching between this profile and the standard one just enables or disables whether you're going thru that proxy?

    Are there any other side affects to using this hack during normal browsing?
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  5. #25 just enables the proxy. I don't use it anymore due to the exchange issues I mentioned earlier.
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    it doesn't work on my 700wx. i got this message when i go to "Unknown Error. Sorry fo the inconvenience."

    i did changed the regristry and proxy... help plz..
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    I'm constantly getting: "Unknown Error. Sorry for the inconvenience."
    I've edited my registry, and "tried" setting up the proxy. Don't really see a place for it or the selections recommended.
    All i see under advanced is port settings: tcp/Ip, and servers.
    I'm not seeing any of these options: "Set the proxy address to Click advanced. Make sure the port for HTTP is 80, and get rid of Socks."

    I'm using a palm treo 700wx.
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    can someone help me i did all the steps to to get the call tones but its not working i can get the vision page but its only 1-8 and i went to search it an it give me error code 404 null what wrong with it i have 6800 mogul
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