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    does anyone know how to change the sound for messages in imov messenger... the cricket sounding noise is getting on my nerves
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    I started goofing with this and found all the settings in the registry.

    Using Resco, or the like, you can browse to HKLM\Software\mov Software\JabberCE

    There you'll see SOUND ENTER (plays when someone signs on), SOUND EXIT (when they sign off), SOUND FIRSTMESSAGE, and SOUND MESSAGE.

    You can change these to the path to any sound on the system.

    I also changed SHOW SERVICES to '0' ,to remove them from the buddy list, and SMALL BITMAPS to '1', so that small images are used for the icons next to buddy names.

    The only problem I'm having is that the checkbox for playing sounds when a user enters/exits is unchecked, SOUND ENTER SUPPORT is '0' but I still get a sound and notification when a user enters. Anyone else have this problem.

    I also see that VIBRATE SUPPORT is '1' in the registry, but my device does not vibrate on any imov events.

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