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    Hey guys!!! I just read about a microSD Wi-Fi card that Spectec recently launched, but good thing about this is that it supports both 11b and 11g wireless standards. Here is the link:

    Its funny that they have a mini SD wi-fi card that only supports 11b and a micro SD card that can work both with 11b and 11g.

    Now the thing that is causing me an itch is if its possible to use a microSD to miniSD adapter like this one that I saw on eBay (Here is the link), and use a microSD wifi card in a miniSD slot that Treo 750 has,,, which, if possible, can also solve the problem of protruding miniSD wifi card to little extent if not solve it altogather....... I am no expert at it, but I would like to hear from you experts out there...
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    Well im not an expert but it looks like the micro SD card would stick out of the adapter. The article says that the size of the micro card is 23.3 x 11 x 0.7 millimeters and when I did a quick google search for the standard size micro SD card I got this from amazon 15 x 11 x 1 mm (im guessing its the same thickness but amazon just rounded up) so that means that it would stick out of the adapter about 1/3 of an inch. But at least there wouldnt be as much sticking out and you would have the 11b/g. As a side note I noticed on the spectec site that they have a mini sd 11b/g card on their support page if you click the product box then look at the list of wifi cards they show it there but they dont show it on their actual product page so it must be coming soon.

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