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    i use the palm anti glare screen protectors. i know some may argue that another brand is better, but that's not my question.

    my question is how do i get this sucker off. i dont really want to take a knife or something sharp to it and take a chance hurting it. i just want to put a new one on. mine is all scratched up.

    what have you guys used or done to make this easier?

    thanks, cody
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    Ouch. Those Palm branded ones are a PITA to get off. I think when I used one on my Treo 650, I had to use a needle to pry up one corner.
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    I use tape in one corner of the protector and pull sideways. Always worked for me BUT I did not try it on a Palm protector.
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    I use tape as well, but that's with other brands. There's no way tape is gonna take that Palm branded screen protector off. Unless he purposely left one of the corners bent so that he could peel it off easily.
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    I have a screen protector on mine. When I initially put it on I placed it more so on one side so that one edge would have more room for me to get something underneath it. I use my fingernail to get under it and it comes up with ease. I don't use the Palm branded screen protector though, just generic.
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    Try something thin and plastic to pry the edge up some, like your drivers license. Then pull it off the rest of the way with your fingers. Good luck as those sticky screen protectors scare me. I pulled one off of a friend's Treo and I thought I was going to pull the screen off with it.
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    I use my stylis.
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    Hold it over a boiling kettle for 5 min. and the steam will lift it off*

    *[Warning, may cause Treo malfunction]

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