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    I am trying to get rid of the Sprint and bluetooth icon at the top of my screen. I see people talking about hidelogo. Is this a program or a hack and where can i access the program?

    Also does this program affect bluetooth?

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    Here u go

    Not to be a d-ck, but you really should search for these things, you could have it on your phone by now
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    I use it and it works great.. No loss of functions that I can see. Push a dark key and the search box pops up. Clear the search box and the everything goes away.. Intall in. If you don't like it take it off.
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    A great app!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PSB22 View Post
    Sorry to sound like a dumbass, but I just don't see it. both the links, and the original thread on this topic point towards a today screen plugin called "today time", which allows you to show the time/date in a field in the today screen.

    I have installed and gone through the settings of said program, and nowhere do I see anything about hiding any logo's.

    What gives?
    Try again my friend. The link I gave to ppc geeks puts you at the correct place. Just read a little more of the first post. At the bottom of the first post is the link to the HideLogo software. If you don't see it, register at ppc geeks. Maybe they don't let guests see it.


    *edit* Looks like the poster I was replying too deleted their post. Glad I quoted it.

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