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    My battery died last night, and I had to do a hard reset (long story, don't ask!). After I did the hard reset, I re-installed everything on my phone (VeriChat, SPB Weather, SPB Today, and Themes I downloaded). When I go to Menu, Preferences, Today's Setting, Appearance, and I try to change my theme, I get the icon like the phone is working to change it, but it just goes back to the classic blue default. Is there something I'm missing?
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    Try copying them into your my documents folder, I know they won't work if they are on the card. Sorry, only thing I can think of
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    Yeah - my themes are on my device. It's not only the downloaded themes that won't work - it's also the default themes (guava bubble, indigo, etc.). They don't work either. I'm trying not to do another hard reset. That would annoy me to no end.
    The Rules Change, But The Game Remains The Same
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    This happened to me on my 6700 before the Treo. The only thing that fixed it was a hard reset. I think you can poke around in the registry, but even after doing that, it wasn't fixed, so I hard reset the phone, and all was good again.

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