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    the picture taking on the 700w is decent but when i take videos and play them back.. their very choppy and lag.. is there anyway to fix this.. thanks
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    I would like to know about that also. How can we change the FPS on the camera?
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    I gave up on the native Microsoft treo camera software. It's horrible! I tried "Coolcamera" by Ateksoft.

    I tried the beta 115 b2 and it works quite well. The video playback using TCPMP is very good- full motion with no laggy framerate artifacts. I use the TCPMP player for XP on the desktop also and it plays the videos very well. The compression is adjustable. 100% looks very good but creates very large Mjpeg avi's. The highest framerate i've seen after a soft reset was about 19fps while recording. Usually is around 15fps

    The software is slightly buggy since it is still in beta and a few adjustments have to be made right away before using it.

    I have not had a chance to try the 115 b3 that just came out yesterday (12-5-06).

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