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    I've noticed that charging my 700wx takes quite a while. I believe that with my Treo 650, I was able to get a full charge in about 2 hours. With my 700wx, it takes 4+ hours. Anyone else noticing this, or do I just have a problem with my phone?

    Plus, if I try to charge w/ a USB cable, forget about it. It's super slow. When charging with the USB cable, I think that I can actually use up the battery faster than it's being charged!
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    Mine charges as fast as my 650 and 700p did as long as I use the AC adapter.
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    the 700 doesn't do usb charging with the usb cable that came withit. you can by some aftermarket usb cables that will charge, but usb only puts out 5 ma or less.
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    Yeah, the stock battery takes four hours, and I'm scared to ask how long it takes for that new 3200mAh Seidio!
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    I bought the USB charging cradle from Palm and the Seido 2400mAh battery.

    I keep one of the batteries charging in the cradle and will just swap them out if my battery in my 700wx starts to get low.

    I've never timed the charging time of either battery but I would say 4 hours seems right.

    Having the second battery has saved me if I have to leave the office and I notice the battery in my phone is low...I do a quick swap and I'm good to go.
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