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    Hi All,

    I'm on a business trip in mexico and my 700wx keeps trying to roam... I also get messages that say 'unable to connect to the msn...'

    Is it possible to leave the phone turned on but to avoid trying to connect to the data plans, etc???

    Please help me! I brought my phone with me in case of an emergency, but I do not want to get charged for data access and things that I do not need while over here...

    At the moment i turned off both the phone and the wireless....

    Thanks to all!!!

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    you can disable data roaming in the phone options
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    Hi. thanks for your help!!!

    I tried configuring my roaming options to local network only... The phone keeps trying to connect. I did not see any settings for data roaming... Am I missing something?

    I just want a phone while over here... No need for data charges..

    Thanks to all,

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