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    So I decided to give some feedback for new Search & this is what I got;
    Thanks, William! We're really excited about it, and glad that you like it. That's a great idea re: slowdown areas, and we'll be sure to check it out...I think we have some (but probably not all) of the data that we'd need. What kind of documentation would you like to see? We'll be happy to answer questions directly via email, and to add more to the site online if there are certain things that people would like to see.
    Re: Florida, I assume you mean for traffic specifically? You should already be able to get maps and search results for that area... Matthew (CCed) knows a lot more about traffic than I do...I don't know if he can say, but just in case-Matt, can you comment on data availability for Miami & surrounding areas?

    Soooo anyone else have some suggestions for the new site? It appears that they really want to send out a good product and so far it looks as good as Google maps - the 3rd party apps.

    Thouhts? Sugestions? This is a great opportunity to get some input into a program I think would benefit us all.

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    I think more then 25 listings per cat would be awesome not that it isn't already but I live in tucson az and I know there's more the 25 convienant stores here. Hmm a white pages section would be nice, Million dollars from Microsoft for me beta testing this program however I would accept a treo 700wx from verizon instead of the one million dollars when it comes out. Traffic for Tucson AZ it has phoenix but no tucson. Find away to integrate it with pocket msn. Two million dollars from Microsoft just cause they have money and I guess thats it.
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    As far as the integration, what do you mean? When you download the program it loads up right on your start menu. What other integration? You mean like a today screen shortcut the way Google is on the Treo?
    I will ask for the Whitepages but I thought that was already integrated into the search for buisness function.
    and the million bucks? Well, I dont mind doing free beta testing for something this good. I will, when its finished, probably use this more than any other program. Stuff like this is why I ebayed my Axim x51v and got the Treo, for information and maps, traffic on the fly.
    Keep em coming !

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