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    I've been playing around with the UK Hacked AIM since Agile bit the dust for me, and I have a couple of questions about it.

    1. The interface seems rather clumsy compared to Agile. I am having a hard time seeing who IMed me and switching from the IMs of one person to another. Am I missing something, or do I just have to pay attention to the top right of the screen to see if there is any activity that will clue me into the fact that I have an IM waiting as opposed to something near the person's name? Further switching from IMs to the Buddy list also seems somewhat clumsy.

    2. From what I have read about the several IM programs they tend to work different ways. One thing about Agile I like a lot is that it is constantly active (which is a drain on the battery). From what I understand other apps are only functioning while your phone is in active use and if it is not, the program can alert you via a text message. Does the UK AIM work from the time you turn it on until you turn it off, or does it somehow standby when you are not using your Treo?

    EDIT 3. Is there any way to get this on the Today screen?

    Thanks a lot for any info, sorry if my questions are a touch long winded.
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    1. AIM 2.0 was writton for WM2003 1st edition. Of course it's gonna feel clumsy on WM5. When you receive an IM you get an audible and visual indication. Yes you see the top right AOL icon flash when there is an IM pending. If you aren't on the IM window click on the upper left menu (down arrow button) and select "Instant Message". If there is only one IM pending you will see their IM window. If there are more than one IM pending you can click on the upper right menu (down arrow right below the AOL icon) to see who IM'd you. You'll see a list of screennames in the "Instant Messages" section with a little cloud icon to the left of the screenname that has a pending IM. Select that screenname to see the IM. Notice that there is also a buddy list below the "instant Messages" section for your convenience. You can click on any screenname in the list to start an IM session with them.

    2. AIM 2.0 maintains a EV connection, however if you don't select the keepalive option the EV connection can go dormant saving the battery. If the device goes into suspend mode the EV connection may disconnect so you have to disable power off in the power options to maintain a connection. It does not use SMS to wake up your device from a suspended state.

    3. What exactly do you want on the today screen? Someone may be able to hack something up.

    Let me tell you how I use AIM on my 700wx.

    I have IM forwarding enabled so that when I'm signed off of the AIM client all IM's to me come in as an SMS message. 99% of the time I use the IM forwarding in combination with the Palm Messaging app for my IMing needs. If I need to initiate an IM or check to see if a buddy is online or if I want an extended IM session I load up the AIM client. When I'm done I sign off of the AIM client and rely on IM forwarding again. It works quite well like this. No battery drain problem to worry about and I don't have to leave my device powered up all the time. When I'm signed off I get the text alerts and today screen notification when I get an IM. When I'm signed in on the client I'm using it so I don't need any today screen notification.
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