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    How can i change the length of the vibration alert? always running around at work and i dont feel it sometimes and therefore i miss texts alot....any ideas? thanks
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    I use this program:

    You can set the alarm to repeat every 10 seconds, so it vibrates almost constantly. I got the lite version, well worth the investment just for this.

    I have had no problems with this program at all.
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    I also have PA, which is why my vibrations aren't long enough. The default vibration length is much longer, and therefore easier to feel. With PA I can set it to repeat every 10 seconds, but the vibration is still such a short burst I rarely feel it. I too would love a reg edit or something to lengthen the vibrate.
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    I think there was a thread on this already somewhere but to re-iterate:

    Bruce at phonealarm is considering re-introducing the "long vibrate" option BUT he says vibrate on ppcs is the #1 battery killer, more drainage than all the other "notifications" combined, hence his reluctance.

    as far as a reg edit, I'm not aware of any for this function.

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