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    while trying to insert a picture into a text i hit....

    new text


    insert .... however....its dim and i cannot click on the INSERT

    i have the iternet and texting plans so im not sure why this is

    any idea guys?! thanks
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    ********Because pictures cannot be added to texts********

    Only MMS and e-mail
    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    has anyone heard of any patches to allow this from palm?

    does the 700p allow you to send pics through texts?
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    Ok, now I am pretty sure that you are kidding. A text can only handle 160 characters. how on earth is it going to hold a pic.

    Google ASCII
    Treo 750, at&t wireless.
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    no i am not kidding.

    well how can i send a pic to a phone. not everyone is as fortunate as us to acess our emails at the push of a button. so im a lil frustrated that i cant send a pic through a text to a phone.
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    Do a search for the MMS hack. The 700p does allow you to send pictures.
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    has anyone tried this mms hack and could this potentially interfere with any other programs?

    i love this treo 700wx and i dont relaly want to go to the 700p but this is a feature i do use alot... damnit!!
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    the mms hack works great. the are two methods. one step by step with alot of things to do and the other is just a cab file that installs everything. look for the cab file.

    the reason that your thinking that the treo should/can send a picture in a text message is cause it can. what you don't realize is that the text message (sms) is now turned in to a mms message when you add the media. this really now isn't a text message anymore. now if you do the mms hack and don't have picture mail included in your plan, it will be an extra .40 (i think ) per picture.
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    thanks cody i appreciate it.
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    if you can't find the cab for the mms hack. send (pm) me your email address

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