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    I installed about 3 apps last night, tcpmp, aim, and xpshutoff. Yesterday the icons were showing up normal, today the icons are coming up as EXE icons i.e. the white box with blue titlebar.

    Is this due to the fact that i installed the APPS on my storage card instead of the device? Are there certain apps that need to be installed on the device rather then the storage card?

    Now i cant even see "file explorer" inside of the programs folder, all i can see it on is the start menu lol i wonder whats going on? Anyone have a problem like this
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    it wont be displayed in the program list if you have it on you start menu. there is a way around this if you feel like it. you can copy the .ink file out of the windows/start menu folder and put a copy in your windows/ start menu/ programs floder.

    as far as the icons... yes this is some kind of problem with putting them on your storage card. i have some on my card and eveyo9nce in a while i see the icons have changed. i need the room so i live with it. you know, i don't understand why, but sometimes when i am playing around in the windows folder the icons show back up.

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