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    A recent update to Windows Media Player 11 was sent down, and ever since I can no longer sync media files with the 700wx...

    I says Setup needs to be completed.. I click that and it opens Media Player but thats it. Sync in the new Media plaer dioesnt recognize the phone at all as a device.

    Several times I have had WCESMgr crash with errors, and a few times Mediua Playter says something aout cancelling syncing...

    Anyone else having these oddities after updating to the newest Media Player 11 and if so,. is there any way to get this working?


    ANSWERED my own question: It seems The NEWest version of Media Player 11 has a different sync setup.

    TO make things work, you need to delete the partnership with the device and make a NEW partnership.

    The NEW version now no longer recognizes the TREO as a device.. it only recognizes the Storage Card. It also lets you rename the storage card.. and one thing I do not like is that folder heiracy for music is no longer available to be turned off (greyed out option) tyherefore all your songs if they ar eion the main storage card directory will resync intoo the MUSIC>Artist>Album folder... there is no way to stop this.
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