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    I have no problems either. One person above said the problem was corrected with the "proper" 3G SIM card, did you guys try that? It is either that or the phone is switching often b/t 3G/UMTS. You can also try making sure your connection settings are correct too. And give Cingular your IMEI#, even though they will tell you "e cannot guarantee Internet..." bla bla bla it may help.

    UMTS and HSDPA are the exact same technology. Kinda. The ONLY difference is speed, and just so you know, there is no such thing as "only UMTS" areas in the USA. Every tower Cingular is putting up is HSDPA. The phone (specifically this phone) needs a software hack to enable it right now with the Voda ROM. It's not like EVDO rev A, which is different technology which requires a newer modem. EVDO is backwards compatible, but with UMTS/HSDPA there is no such necessity, because it is the same technology with faster packet transmission. You just need the software to accept it.
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    I experience the same issue, though I cannot affirm it was while on UMTS, maybe GSM too. I don't use data calls.
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    Same problem here. Ive noticed it a couple of times.
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    I can receive calls but I don't get voicemail notifications with the HSDPA hack installed. I just switched my phone from UMTS back to GSM and all of a sudden I have 2 voicemail notifications. Anyone else have this problem? Not the end of the world since most of the time I will have the phone set to GSM to save battery life.

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