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    My email is assessable through an IMAP server.

    I would like to be able to check my email on my desktop computer and mobile device. (I check email through internet on the phone)

    Currently i have my desktop check email with outlook and i have a rule to copy the "new" emails to a folder (inbox) so that i can save my old emails. When i do this, the message is left as "new" on the imap server so that my device can also see it

    The problem is: When my mobile device retrevies the email before my desktop does it is marked as "read" on the IMAP server and then the desktop does not copy it to my inbox folder when it checks for mail.

    Is there a way i can have the mobile device leave the message as new on the server? Or is there a better fix?

    Thank you all

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    The purpose of IMAP is to show the status of an email as it exists on the server so if it's 'read' then that's it's state. Is there a way to tweak your desktop Outlook rule to move mail based on the folder it's in and not it's 'read' status?
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    Not to my knowledge. The rules can be applied when sending or recieving email and unless it is "new" then it will not start to apply the rule.
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    Yea, I tried to review the Rules and didn't see a way myself.

    You can mark an email as unread after reading it on your handheld.

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