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    sure there have been many discussions on this, but just WHY is the Calendar function so slow to access and navigate in? Can anything be done to speed this up?
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    what is your program memory at? is htere any way to free some up? this will effect everything.
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    I believe it has to do with how many days are cached. For the Treo Calendar, it seems to be 1 week, so when you move from the end/beginning of one week to the next, the transition is very slow. I purchased Pocket Informant, which I believe caches 3 months of data and is very speedy moving from day to day (as the Treo 650 was). There are other programs which also move quickly between days, but I found PI to be very robust in additional features.
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    even when hitting "calendar" from the start menu, the process is slow...maybe 5 seconds. Once in, even going to the next day...tomorrow...the process takes a minimum of 5 seconds.
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    That is definitely not normal. It takes 1 to 2 seconds to load calendar for me and going to the next day is instantaneous. Maybe you have a bunch of dupe entries in your notification queue. Find a utility to remove dupes such as SKTools or Memmaid.

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