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    this might be a dumb question and i checked my settings for sounds & notifications the heck do you stop the treo 700w (verizon) to stop repeating the tone or vibrate when you have a new email message (i just need one tone once and thats it)?

    every minute if i dont check the message, will will beep. its really annoying, esp when im sleeping!

    also when i do get a new email message, i just hear the tone and the screen does not turn on (and i even checked that setting to ensure i was how i like it...and it still doesnt do it).

    thanks in advance.
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    Phone Alarm would help you.
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    wait a get repeating tones on the 700w??
    I would LIKE repeating tones when there is a txt or e-mail message. How do you turn it on?!
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    yeah i keep getting a repeating tone for my new emails. i hate it. i have no idea why its like this, since my settings are set to not "repeat".

    i have no idea what i did or how its doing it.
  5. #5 "repeat" checkboxs are greyed out!
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    Yeah, repeat isnt an option...

    Do you have phonealarm? I bet you do...
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    I have the same experiences as djillusion and I do not have phonealarm. e-mail notifications repeat and do not light the screen...
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    It appears to me the sound notification will repeat until the new email is read for only non-Exchange Server email accounts, that is, POP3 or IMAP type of email. However sound notification from Exchange Server only sounds once. At least that is what I have observed from my 700WX as I have both Exchange and POP3 email accounts. The repeat box is indeed grey out for message event. Also the screen does not light up when new message arrives.

    SF, CA
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    sounds like another little bug with the wx. hopefully this will be fixed with the software update.

    I would really like to figure out how to make the "repeat" an option again. how do we make this not "greyed out"?
    reg edit people?
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    Antonc - you hit it right on. didnt think of that. i am indeed getting email from an IMAP and POP3 server. so that explains why is repeats.

    i just wish there was a way to turn the repeat off, and at least turn the screen on when the new email comes in.

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