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    I have a 750 Treo that needs to be paired with a Mercedes E220 Command system.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    i have a BMW but it should be a similar conceptual process

    with mine, i make sure the BMW system is ready to pair and in search mode

    on the Treo Today screen, click menu, wireless manager, menu (again), bluetooth settings, and ensure that bluetooth is ticked for on and ticked for discoverable (next option down)

    then, tap the 'devices' tab at the bottom and select 'new partnership'

    the phone will start searching for devices (make sure your mercedes is in pair/search mode when this is happening!)

    you should see a list of devices (or maybe just the one! your mercedes !)

    tap on that and it will probably ask for a security code, unless your mercedes is different, then you can enter anything on the phone, but remember what you put in as it is likely your mercedes will also ask for the same code to be entered to confirm the pairing.......

    then, tap on finish and you should be good to go

    each time you jump in the car and turn on the ignition, it should pair automatically with the Treo.........

    good luck
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    Thanks Mark

    I have tried this,it pairs for about 10 seconds then drops out again,i have also tried another handset,still no luck

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