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    I have DVD Decrypter that process's the movie to computer then i used DVD Shrink to make it small enough to back up DVDs. Now I am looking for something that will allow me to make it small enough to put on Treo 700wx so i can watch on road trip. I have used the following with some success.

    CloneDVD Mobile = Will make it small enough and even plays on treo if you do not need sound.

    I have used another one that does the same thing. Both play sound and work great on PC but when you move them to Treo you get no sound. What is a good software to use for this that just works?
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    I use Videora. I used it initialy for my Ipod and found out the same settings work for my Treo.
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    I use CloneDVD Mobile and I am able to get sound, I use the setting for smartphones.
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    Try PocketDivXEncoder. Works like a champ.
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    Pocket DVD Studio is good too. got min on pocketgear.
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    Oh yeah, VEMODE is free.

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