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    I am experiencing a problem where I click an MP3 in Explorer, and nothing happens. Windows Media does not start, viewing processes does not show it, nothing...

    700W, with the update.


    Thanks in advance,
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    Sounds like you accidentally changed the file associations for MP3s or some app you recently installed took over MP3 files. Not sure if there are any freewares but SKTools has a file association function so you can change it back to open with WMP.
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    Have you tried a Soft Reset? If that doesn't work, just back up ur stuff and Hard Reset.
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    Thanks. The association is still to WMP. I can't even open WMP by itself! I'm going to de-install logokiller and datetime to see if that helps.
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    This was a pretty complex problem, with a very simple solution.

    The root cause was a broken SD card. The card broke and made itself read-only. I had directed all my temporary files to the card, this WMP could not create its swap-file to play a MP3! New SD card, and all is well!


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    Quote Originally Posted by skipster View Post
    I had directed all my temporary files to the card,
    Sounds like this is what "broke" your card. You can probably re-format it and it will be fine.
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    Unfortunately the card is falling apart due to a mishap in one of my card readers.

    Alas, it is dead...

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