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    SpeedBooster 1.1 from Teksoft

    Product Overview:
    "SpeedBooster is a software that will allow you to focus the CPU to certain tasks, that require more hardware power. It has an easy to use interface, quite the opposite from the advanced internal functionality. It runs on multiple platforms Pocket PC, Smartphone, both the 2003 and the 2005 platforms. Get as much as you can out of your Mobile Device right now! "
    This is really neat software. Instead of overclocking your entire system, it just gives "higher priority" to specific programs, thereby making them respond faster.

    It makes your system feel more zippy with out the over-clocking side effects (massive battery drain).

    The developers are really good guys (they fixed an issue I had literally overnight) and at $5.40 this program is a steal.

    Highly Recommended.

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    Looks interesting, might try this out when I get home.
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    I'll give it a try after I back up my 700wx.
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    hey Mal, what programs do you recommend using this for?
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew23 View Post
    hey Mal, what programs do you recommend using this for?
    sorry I missed this (saw the bump though, )

    "Phone" - seems to help increase responsiveness of the phone app, is my favorite use.

    Basically anything that you run occasionally that you need more umph in. I just started using it on Opera Mini and boy did it speed it up.

    Keep this in mind though: if you leave the app running, even in the background, technically you'll use up more battery. It's not like overclocing, but it is giving it higher priority, so slightly more juice.

    That's why I try to use it on apps that I open, use and then close afterwards. So for example, I always leave Outlook running in the background, so I don't monitor it in Speedbooster. But something like Opera mini, PIE, RSS reader, Mobile Torrent, MemMaid, etc I will monitor b/c I close them when I'm done (not minimize). The one exception is "phone" which I justify since that's the main function of the device!

    Also, any program that you use only when plugged in, like say GPS software, would also benefit tremendously without any risk to your device or overheating.

    Basically, try out different configs and see your results.

    I am curious if people find other system apps to apply it to. I was thinking of trying pawakeup.exe in \Windows which is part of PhoneAlarm, thinking maybe it'll make that slightly faster? Not sure.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thanks, Mal.
    I've been using it for Phone, TomTom, and PI, so far.

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