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    I've been reluctant to consider the 700wx as an upgrade from my treo 600 for a couple of reasons. Probably the main reason is that I have had a crappy experience doing wired DUN on my Treo 600.

    Between the cables and the connector port and daily wear and tear (I am jacked in for 2 hours a day on my commute) I have worn my Treo 600 connector down to the point where a bump in the train will cause the connection to break. Using PDANet, this often means I have to reboot (I'm not impressed with PDANet but it fills a necessary functional hole).

    How have people found the connector on the 700w? Is it up to the challenge of a daily commute (connected and disconnected 3 times a day)?

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    I'm in and out all day, thus, on a typical day I may connect and disconnect a dozen times. I have the 700W since (I think) Feb/March. Never a problem with the connector or cable.
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    Just had to replace my 8 month old Treo 700w because the power port went bad. Why can't they use a mini USB port like a blackberry for instance? Easy and very robust.
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    no problems with power but activesync sucks.

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