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    I recently installed PhoneAlarm on my 700wx and have noticed that when I click the voice mail icon the program will first display my call log and then dial my voice mail phone number which then brings up the voice mail screen.

    I'm able to get my voicemails with no problems but why is it showing me my call log first?

    I checked the app documentation but didn't not find any info on this (I could have over looked it).

    I am using the "jinks_email" skin.

    Joe Fallico
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    I have the same issue with the current release. I found the developer's beta forum has a wealth of information. There are also some beta's to download from the forum. Perhaps it is on the long list of improvements? Sorry, but I don't remember the direct link to the beta testers forum.
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    never had that issue.

    1.57 should be released tomorrow.

    I've been testing the 1.57 betas and don't have this issue, so if you still do then I suggest doing a full uninstall, device cleanup (memmaid) then reinstall.

    I'm also using 1.56.1 now and have no problems with VM.

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    Thanks for the info.

    Maybe the new version will solve my problem.
    Joe Fallico
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    Insignia Futures & Options, Inc.

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    Mine does the same thing. The only thing I can figure is let's say I have a missed call then a vmail. If you push the vmail button first it will check the missed call's list removing the alert then go to vmail. This way you don't have to check the missed call's alert after listening to vmail.

    More annoying than that is when you check missed call's then vmail and then the treo default missed call's notification is still up. Hopefully this is fixed in the update. Other than those little issues I love the product.

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