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    All of a sudden my 700wx phone starting vibrating nonstop when it's turned on(vibrates for about 2 seconds, stops for 1 second, and repeats vibrating). I have to turn the device off to make it stop vibrating.

    I went into Settings/Notifications and unchecked the two Vibrate checkboxes. Prior to this happening, I did notice I received a "gwes.exe" error.

    Any thoughts/suggestions?
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    This happened with my PPC-6700 (only it was audible alerts for about 3 minutes straight). Scarybear's Check Notification tool fixed it for me... I just googled for a link to post here, but couldn't find the dl link... It wasn't a problem before, so you should be able to find it with some digging.

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    I ended up doing a SOFT RESET and the phone stopped the repeated vibrating.
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    FYI- gwes.exe had nothing to do with it.
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    gwes.exe is a graphics dll, you should really try and figure out where that error is coming from. If it gets disabled all it does is restart, so it won't hurt you, but still it shouldn't happen.

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