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    Any update on how to get the dns changes to stick?
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    That is defiantly faster Thanks!! I do have one question, I did not put any numbers in the DWORD value screen since you did not specify, should I?
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    My 700w did not have the MaxThreads line, I had to create it. I still get 170/kbit.

    Any suggestions on a 700w, am I looking in the right place?
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    I was wondering if anyone else had any problems with the DNS changes in WM6 on AT&T? I made the changes as specified, and all I get is a LONG delay, then a message that says "The page cannot be found. Check the name and try again."

    I seem to recall an isse in WM6 that involved it's use of a proxy server on AT&T/Cingulars network, could that be the case??
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    I haven't done this hack yet because from my pass experience after doing any hack to the internet explorer i couldn't receive picturemail messages. When i clicked on the link my browser will say my cookies are disabled when they are not. I don't know what other site this would effect but i would like to know if anyone have this problem? Also is the PIE faster than Opera mini with this hack?
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    GEEEZZ!! These tweaks really do help! Even for huge non-mobile sites.

    Just to add on - if you're wondering whether the L3 or opendns servers are better for you based on your location, try "pinging" both from your PC at home. Assuming your carrier is originating the connection from somewhere geographically near where you live, the response time (in ms) may be a decent indicator which is responding faster to your location.

    For me, L3 ( responded in roughly 10ms, vs. 25ms for opendns, so that's what I'm using on the wx.

    Either way - you're bound to be pleased. I can only imagine what DNS servers my carrier was feeding my via DHCP.
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