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    The only reason I am "trying" out the Dash is because Microsoft has a deal to get it for 99. Not sure if I'm going to keep it, but want to try it out. Wifi in a device that small is sweet.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    I meant that could've been my AKU! When the Q came out I bought it, used it for like a month, and sold it while it still had its value. Smartphone definitely isn't for me, the treo's blow it away
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    Indeed. But I like the smartphone to get people "initiated" in to the the whole WM/smartphone world as most of my friends do the "but I don't need that much stuff" when they see the Treo or 6700.

    The dash/blackjack/moto q are great ways to get people to take a 2nd look at converged devices. But yeah, once you go full WM5 using the Smartphone edition feels like a step back.

    All I know is the Dash gets mad battery life (11 hours of actual talk time according to Cnet and MobilityToday) and is a great noob device.

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    Ok, I have my Dash. The Palm threaded sms app works perfectly on it. The Dash is very cool, much better than the Motorola Q I had. One thing that Malatesta said, once you go windows mobile w/ touch screen, it is kinda going backwords with a smartphone edition. It's not as intuitive, but still a very nice phone. Battery life is much better than the Q.

    Wifi is awesome, the device is tiny and skinny. The casing deels cool, I wonder if it's the same casing the treo 750 v uses, it's kinds soft. The Dash has a much better screen than my 700wx with it being 240 x 320.

    It's a great smartphone for beginners,. I plan on posting a full review in a few days. I just hope Palm doesn't get mad that the threaded messaging app is working on the Dash.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Cool. Good to hear Jimmie. Look forward to your review.

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