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    my slingbox, while viewing on my wx, is optimizing way to much. i am in a good evdo area. i have a fairly good speed connection at the slingbox it self. i don't know the speed it self, but can check later.

    1.what upload speed should i have at the slingbox for this to work without optimizing all the time?

    2. i see a few different settings on my slingplayer mobile that i could change, but what should i change them to?

    3. i can upgrade my speed through comcast for a small fee, but is it a speed issue or do all slingplayer mobiles apps optimize 50% of the time.

    some of you long time slingers surely can point me in a better direction.

    thanks, cody
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    Are you getting a lot of optimizing even while stationary? It only optimizes for me at the start for a few seconds. You can try streaming with my slingbox if you think it's a source problem to narrow it down.
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    I sitting still. I don't remember it doing it that much when I was using yours.

    what kind of up load speed should I have at the source.
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    I would suggest something around 260kbps or better if all you want to do is sling to your phone. If you sling to a pc or laptop remotely my recommendation is 700kbps or better.
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    It only "optimizes" when the speed changes, because it has to change fps's and such. Perhaps your activesync is throwing a heartbeat, and its spiking your bandwith for a second, making the slingbox re-optimize. Then when it disconnects it will do it again. Or, it could be a computer at home accessing the Internet (limewire? etc) doing the same to your slingbox connection at home.

    Just some ideas, whatever the reason it is due to a change in transfer speed...
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    We verified it wasn't the source. It works perfectly on my treo connected to Cody's slingbox.
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    There is a thread at the slingcommunity forums that sounds similar to what you are experiencing.

    Snippet of a response:
    "In the end, this may be a data network issue with your cellular provider. You could be on a busy cell tower, etc. Try slinging from completely different areas, or at different times of the day to see if you can further investigate any limitations from your mobile network. "
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    Quote Originally Posted by hannip View Post
    We verified it wasn't the source. It works perfectly on my treo connected to Cody's slingbox.
    Did cody attempt looking at your box yet?

    (I can only imagine the thoughts of someone reading this post first)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlepat View Post

    (I can only imagine the thoughts of someone reading this post first)
    Ok, I work in contruction as a supervisor. I spend most of my time in my vehicle. There aren't many buildings to block signal, although the vehicle it self might have some effect. My treo, pdanet, and slingbox are sometimes the only things keeping me awake.

    Any how, most of my sling is at work. I have a full four bars in evdo area. Today after hannip confirmed my slingbox was working fine by logging on to my slingbox, I tried sling on the way home. 20 miles a way from the original test spot (work), while traveling 60-70 mph in the same vehicle I got a perfect connection. Just 15 seconds of optimizing then 15 minutes of good connection.

    I don't understand it, but it seems to be just in the area I work in. Traveling should have been against me and I was in the same vehicle.
    I think it is just a busy tower area. I work right next to the sprint world headquarters building. probably a lot of sprint users with 2500 sprint employees there.

    bottom line. I have tried it in two different test spots, 20 miles apart from each other. the sling is perfect everywhere but my work.

    Thanks for your help everyone, cody

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