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    While I'm not a power user as compared to many here, I can do reg edits and I get a fair amount of power use out of the phone. I consider myself fairly technically enabled. My wife however is not and she asked me last night for a smart phone. She won't do web surfing or even email (I won't even activate a data plan for her), but she needs full calendar and contact functionality. here's my question, has the 700w been anyone's first device, especially a technically-challenged someone, and if so what was your experience with it? I'm trying to assess whether the 700w will be appropriate for her. I definitely don't want to do palm os due to the category limitation and my own long and painful experiences with it. She mandated that it has to be a phone pda combo or nothing. It needs to be a phone foremost, with pda abilities secondary. Any other devices I should consider for her? MotoQ? We're with Verizon which I won't change.
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    I would suggest the 700p. If she's not using the data features, the problems of the p would not affect her.

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