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    So far, I used and it's nice and has lots of options, but veryyy slow. Advantage and disadvantage of the maps you have tried. Thanks!!
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    I use Google. Well, I was using it but it was 1.8M of memory so I took it out. May put it back, but I guard that free memory jealously.

    My wife, on the other hand . . . . this morning she told me her Tree 650 was broken. Turned out she had 48k (!) of memory left. The kids had found her Treo and taken lots of pix and videos.
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    I was using map4pda until I got a standalone GPS unit last week from a Black Friday sale. It's nice having the larger screen.

    On the Treo, I preferred map4pda because I did not have to deal with Java like Google Maps. If google would have made a native WM5 application like they did for PalmOS, I would have gone with them.
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    I've been using the new Windows Live for Mobile (on Pocket IE it is

    Use the search and use the drop down to select map and type in your you a map right there...then you can click driving directions and get directions. No client to load no space taken up. Works pretty good. I'm diggin' the new Windows Live stuff so far.

    Configure your default settings using your hotmail (now can be converted to a live account) on your PC and it makes the mobile version fast and easy to work with. It already knows your address for work and home, etc.. if you set it up on the desktop. If you are into Live spaces (formerly msn spaces) you can even add to your blog from your treo while on the go. It all works pretty cool.
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    I use google maps. I like how I can search for something and it shows up on the map. maps4pda just seemed to slow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinomon View Post
    So far, I used and it's nice and has lots of options, but veryyy slow. Advantage and disadvantage of the maps you have tried. Thanks!!
    For the same reason I switched back to virtual earth. google was too much of a hassle to launch. I really wish virtual earth had traffic.
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    I use Mapopolis and hook it to my BT GPS when I travel without my car's GPS.
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    Been using Map4PDA and the Google overlay, with GPS and enjoying it for the most part, aside from random glitchiness... but I don't need it enough to really complain, and until someone shows me something that can trump it, I guess I'll stick with it. Was using Pocket Streets and Virtual Earth, I kept PS because of the POI features... lost VE when Map4PDA had it built in...
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    I uninstalled MAP4PDA and .NET CF 2.0 and treo seems to run little faster. Still researching for a nice map.
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    I've started using Earthcomber ... easy interface and free.
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    Windows Live!!!
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    Windows Live

    Still use Google tho, when Live goes, err, live it will really be the best for 700wx speed/size wise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinomon View Post
    Windows Live!!!

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