I just bought a 750v from Vodafone here in Hong Kong nearly 2 weeks ago and I love the way it is all setup. I am always looking for that 1 machine that can satisfy my needs and the 750v has come closest so far. Previously I have tried almost everything that runs BB connect including SE M600i, P990i and the Dopod 838Pro (TyTn). It has been running ok until a few days ago when all of a sudden I am getting a delay in receiving calls. After I press the green button when a call came in, it takes 2-3 seconds before the person on the other side can hear me. This does not occur with me dialling out however. I went back to Vodafone and they suggested that it may be the SIM so I got a new SIM and it is still the same. So I am wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem or is it a feature of the phone as to deter anyone using a SIM other than Vodafone?

The other problem that I heard is that the BB Connect will stop working after 2 weeks if the SIM is not a Vodafone SIM. Other functions will work but apparently the PIN will no longer be there after 2 weeks. This happened to a friend of mine already. Today is exactly 2 weeks and I'll wait and see if it happen to me later. Wish me luck.