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    Looking to get a holder for my 750v in my car. Currently have a Brodit proclip for a Dell Axim in there and am pleased with that. Any ideas on when they may release a holster for the 750v as the Axim one is far too wide.

    Also interested in any other setups you may have. Dont like the suction cup setupas it blocks the windscreen.

    This is going into a 05 BMW 3-series.

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    I talked with proclip today, they are local in Wisconsin, and they said they should have some available in January.
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    use either the 650 or 700 treo brodit holders...... i have both and they are both good, the 700p has the advantage of a softer finish
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    I've been using a "Padded Adjustable Holder with Tilt Swivel" ProClip model in conjunction with a Treo 650 in a silicone case. I picked up a Treo 680 last week and was pleased to find that I could adjust the ProClip small enough to fit a 680 encased in a 650 silicone skin. I'm am currently awaiting delivery of my 680 skin case to see if that combo will still work with my existing ProClip.

    Since the 750 is similar in size to the 680, this solution may work for you as well. However, if you do not plan to use a case (silicone or otherwise) with your 750, it is likely that the Adjustable ProClip model will be too big for you.

    P.S. I have ProClips mounted in 3 different cars, one of which is an 02 BMW 3-series. They all work great.
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    i have an 06 3 series BMW

    with air vent mount proclip and brodit holder for treo650 and 700p (2 of them)

    the 700p holder has a furry/velvet finish to prevent scratching that lovely paint finish on the 750v ! it also fits a little easier, with the phone simply sliding in and making excellent and instant contact with the charging connector (sorry, forgot to say, both holders are the active charging holders)

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    for UK users, i bought from
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    Excellent news. Just to confirm that if I buy the 700 proclip the 750v will fit into it and be held firmly (ie no rattling, etc.).

    Thanks for the feedback.
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    yep, holds it very snugly with no rattling........also found that the 700p version seemed to line up better with the power input on the bottom of the phone......

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