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    Is this correct? I am not on an exchange server with a company. I have my own internet mail address, and would like to sync my e-mail with outlook, but the WX doesn't have a spot for me to enter my outlook information. How do I do this?


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    yes u can. goto you treo outlook. hit menu and select "new account" you may need you incoming and out going server names.
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    yes, but that is pop3, not outlook. Right?

    When my mail comes in, I want to set it up as outlook e-mail.
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    yes it will be in outlook. pop3 is just the type of email account. outlook is more of just a reader. outlook will read imap or pop3 mail accounts.
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    I still cannot get it come up as "Outlook E-mail"...Rather, it is just "POP3" or whatever I name it. I want it to JUST be under the category, Outlook E-Mail. It doesn't give me that option. Where am I going wrong?

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    The "Outlook" folder is reserved for sync with exchange server OR with your desktop outlook. If you choose to sync with your desktop outlook there is no way to get updates over the air.

    So you are on the right track with "POP3". The functionality is identical.
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    OK...there is the answer I was looking for..

    I was wondering why I STILL didn't get it!



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