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    When I receive an email to my POP account, it is sent via WirelessSync to my Outlook mail to my 700w.

    When I run Outlook on the desktop machine, the email is downloaded again from the POP server.

    No matter what the status of the email is on the 700w (e.g., read, deleted, unread), ActiveSync causes the email to be sent AGAIN to the phone. The result is duplicate emails on the phone.

    Is there anyway to tell WirelessSync to "remove from server" so that or to have ActiveSync check to see if the message was already received by the phone?

    EDIT: Upon further testing, I found that the phone is NOT sending data to the desktop Outlook. For example, I have an email I received via WirelessSync, but is not (yet) received by the desktop Outlook. However, after using ActiveSync, the email on the phone was NOT sent to the desktop.
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