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    I currently have a great plan with Sprint, but now that the Treo is available for cingular, I'm thinking about switching.

    I have the 500 min, unlimited internet, 500 texts, and 6pm nights all for $35. Switching to Cingular would have to be $65 for a similar plan.
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    One reason I left Sprint is because their CS messed up one too many times. Another, I needed GSM. But Cingular's data rates are like Verizon's. Ask yourself if you can deal with the increase. The 700wx is almost the same as the 750 internally IMO. Except for design and battery. You have WM5 and high speed on both. If you don't travel, there's no real reason to get the 750 unless you really prefer GSM, which some do. So you have to decide if the extra costs will be worth it to you in the end.
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    I left Cingular after around 10 years for Sprint earlier this year. I couldn't be happier because my calls are clearer, I have EVDO, a great phone and my SERO plan is dirt cheap. In addition, CDMA phones don't cause interference with speakers and landline phones like GSM does. It was embarassing when I would be on a landline conference call and my old Cingular Treo would cause the loud interference because it happened to be near the phone.

    If you have good coverage with Sprint then don't leave as you won't get that price out of Cingular. As The Phone Diva mentioned, the 700wx and 750 are virtually identical for all practical purposes.
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    Couldn't do it. I love Sprint's all you can eat data for what I pay, although I hate their service in my area. Luckily, most of the time I find myself using it, I'm getting a halfway decent signal. As far as Cingular is concerned, my sister and bro-in-law have it, and I haven't been overwhelmed with their service, and the 750, as Phone Diva said, is essentially the same device. I'll wait for another round and see what the future brings. I'm not saying I wouldn't ever do it, just not right now.
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    I'm with Sprint forever. The free, unlimited EVDO and SMS on my SERO plan are too good to give up. Thought about switching to Cingular so I could try the 680, but the prices for their data plans suck big time. They're like the Verizon of the GSM world.
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    Agree with everyone else in regards to expensive Cingular pricing.

    I was considering the Cingular 8525 at the time. But with their expensive plans... for what I would have to pay for a 8525 or Treo750... I can get a Sprint SERO plan *and* a Nextel SERO plan for my wife.

    No brainer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RaysMD View Post
    I currently have a great plan with Sprint, but now that the Treo is available for cingular, I'm thinking about switching.

    I have the 500 min, unlimited internet, 500 texts, and 6pm nights all for $35. Switching to Cingular would have to be $65 for a similar plan.
    May I ask what you would hope to gain from switching to Cingular?

    If it's a 750 vs. 700wx issue, the differences between the two devices aren't worth the price difference. Both will give you high speed internet access, with Sprint having greater availabilty of Ev-DO (although that doesn't necessarily mean it's in your area). The only major advantages of the 750 are that it has threaded text messaging built in and that it has a higher AKU (2.3, vs 2.1 in the wx). Otherwise, I don't think there's any reason to switch just based on the 750 being on Cingular.
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    Well, for some these differences are enough:

    The 750v has a2dp

    The 300MHz Samsung processor on the 750v supposedly is faster than the 312MHz XScale processor in the 700WX.

    Is the speaker in the 750v larger than the one in the 700WX?
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    If you were just starting off and didn't already have a plan and an almost equivalent device on another carrier, I might agree with those differences, but personally, I feel that those differences aren't big enough to warrant paying an ETF ($200) and then a price difference of $30 a month, coming out to about $360 a year. Not to mention that Sprint has better 3G coverage. Overall, I'd say that for a current Sprint customer on a 700wx, the switch isn't worth it, but in the end, it's all personal choice.
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    Another big difference is the fact that you can do voice and data at the same time with Cingular GSM 3G. This could be a huge deal for some.

    This is the sole reason I'm thinking of switching to Cingular.

    Does anyone know if EVDO Rev. A allows for voice and data at the same time?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ksoliz View Post
    Does anyone know if EVDO Rev. A allows for voice and data at the same time?
    Reportedly, yes it does.

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    The only reason that I'm thinking about switching is because I can take the SIM chip out and put it in another phone when I don't need the Treo for work purposes. i.e., Moto KRZR
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    I thought about switching back to Cingular when the whole text message issue was going on but then I thought about the crappy call quality I got in my area along with dropped calls (I live in Long Beach, CA!!). Since my cell is my only phone (renting), I need a service I can rely on and get good quality calls from. Sprint has managed to provide me with what I need and especially at a good price since I'm on a corporate discount program. If I were to switch to another carrier regardless of company, I'd be spending an additional $20-35 more each month to get an equivalent plan. No thanks..
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    I would switch in a heart beat just for the bluetooth dialing if it weren't for mobile to mobile. I work construction and everyone is on nextels. I have four phones on my account (sprint) and between family and co-workers (nextel) 90% of my calls are free. not to metion the price for the plans. my four phone all together is $130. my wx, since it is on a shared plan is just $10 for the extra line, $5 unlimited data, 500 free text messges, and $6 for insurance. that's $21 a month for my wx. unless I hit the lottery, I couldn't afford to go anywhere else.
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    I've been thinking about this same question for a month or so. My contract with Sprint is up and I've been tempted to move to a GSM carrier for SIM-based phones. As a gadget person (who also works with cell phones all day) it seems like the logical thing for me to do is be able to have one account to use all the fun phones that GSM friends get to use. The 750 is the main draw for me (that's the handset that I'd get subsidized).

    There are 2 things holding me back:
    1. The price. Cingular charges way too much for data ($40/month), and they include no text messaging. With Sprint, we can get unlimited data for $15 which includes some text messaging if you have the right plan.
    2. The data network. HSPDA is deployed in what, like 2 cities? I do live in Seattle (one of the two cities) but a 3G network is no good if you can't use it anywhere. EVDO is deployed widely by Sprint; and we all know from the 1xRTT network that Sprint will continue to stay ahead of the other carriers in data coverage...that's just what they do.

    So as much as I want to feed my gadget addiction by having a fat Treo for work and hot, slim prototype phones for play (from my job), I just can't justify the price for what I'd end up with. I'm going to keep a prepaid SIM to use for voice calls on Cingular and keep my primary usage on Sprint. That said, I'm going to get the 700WX on ebay at full price so that I don't have to resign a contract and keep my options open.

    Just some food for thought. Pretty much echos what others have said, but I found it funny that I am in the exact same predicament as I look to replace my aging 650.

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