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    Hey guys, I'm a former Treo 600 user who's had a Sprint 6700 for about the past year and am getting annoyed with it - specifically the fact that alarms and notifications don't work well at all.

    Now, my impression is that alarms/notifications are pretty much broken in WM5 and have been since PPC2002, but maybe I'm wrong. I really am thinking about switching back to a Treo - specifically the Sprint 700wx but I need to know if alarms and notifications actually work on this device. So is it sporadic and un-dependable like all other WM devices, or do they actually seem to work on the Treo? Note that I'm talking about both the alarms as well as calendar notifications. Thanks!!
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    i never seemed to figure out how to do alarms on here. In calanders you can set "appointments" but its just not the same. I remember seeing something with alarms somewhere but havent seen it again. I ended up installing "chronos" app for alarms
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    alarms are ok if you don't change them. if you change them you will need to clear the notification que with an app like memmaid. I don't use these alarms, I use spb time. it works great and has an awesome clock screen saver.

    the calendar works fine. it has a repeat option.

    bacically alarms work the same as on the 6700.
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    Alarms and notifications work better with Phone Alarm installed.

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