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    my 700wx is on but the phone isnt on and it wont turn on. i try to make a call and it says would u like to turn phone on i hit yes and it says welcome and the sprint screen but when it goes back to the homepage the phone is still off and it does it over and over and wont turn on. why is this?
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    Happened to me a while back.

    If memory serves me correctly I did a soft reset or two and just kept trying to turn the phone on. Eventually it came on.
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    not working this is really irritating
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    do you know your mls#?

    have you tried a hard reset?

    how long have you owned it?

    can you return it and have it swaped out for a new one or do you have insurance.

    I would get your mls and do a complete reset. this takes reprograming yoy msid and msn.
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    im returning it tomorrow i tried everything thanks for the help
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    that's what I would do. every once in a while. thay make lemons.

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