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    Everytime I try to send an email to an AOL account, it sends me an email and says that the address is not valid, and it puts my email in the drafts folder. I know they are valid addresses cause I try them on MY AOL accounts.

    Any ideas?

    Also, how do you put a SN in to run outlook on your phone?


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    Your outgoing mail needs to be your Sprint email account.

    Incoming should be IMAP.AOL.COM

    Outgoing should be SMTP.SPRINTPCS.COM.

    In step 4 click on "options". On Step 2 of the Options segment check the "Outgoing mail requires authentication" and "Use separate settings". Click the "Outgoing Settings" box. Enter your Sprint user name and password. Then finish your setup.

    Sprint never tells you this. If you have any problems you can do a search and find a detailed explanation of this in the forums.
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    My e-mail on my phone isn't going to be an AOL account, so that wouldn't be my incoming correct. I am pretty sure my incoming is fine, but I will try this for outgoing!


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    Also, what would the domain for the outgoing settings be?

    When I do this, I still get the message, "messages cannot be downloaded from your devise etc"

    Anything else?

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    The correct settings in poutlook inbox for AOL are:

    Enter your aol email address on E-mail Setup (1/4) page.
    Enter your name, screenname and password on E-mail Setup (2/4) page.
    Select IMAP4 and enter a name for this inbox such as "AOL" on E-mail Setup (3/4) page.
    On page (4/4) enter:
    Incoming mail:
    Outgoing mail:
    Domain: leave blank

    On the Options (2/3) page check the box for "Outgoing mail requires authentication". Do NOT check the box for "Use separate settings".

    These are the settings I have and they work for incoming and outgoing email.
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    I do not have an AOL account on my phone, so I do not require AOL settings.

    I am wondering WHY I cannot send out mail "to" AOL accounts. Everytime I try to send mail to an AOL account from my phone (which is NOT an AOL account) I get an error message, or an e-mail saying that the e-mail address I tried sending to is invalid.

    Any ideas?


    For an e-mail such as, what would be the setting for outgoing mail? right? Does this require authentication, and seperate settings for outgoing?

    Thanks again.
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    Motoracer I sent you a PM.

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