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    I see that some people are getting the stubby antenna that others are selling on these forums. So do any of you have a 700WX antenna you can sell me? If so, please PM me with your asking price for the antenna.

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    Go down to the Sprint store and they should replace your busted or missing antenna for free. It's a standard replacement that many people have already done (search for the thread in this forum)
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    Need it for something else, not for my 700WX. Will Sprint give me one if I just need one (and the one on my phone isn't busted)?
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    what ya doing? are you trying to put one on yje 750 or the 680? lol
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    I need it for a project.
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    i found a few 650 and 700 palm antennas with google. isn't it the same as the wx?

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