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    I don't know if I'm in the right area, but here's my question. Can't decide on which smartphone to get based on communication technology provided by Verizon. All-Digital,Analog, 1X/EV-DO (800/1900 MHz),1XRRT EV-DO, CDMA2000. I get different info from Verizon on there Web site on which phone has what. One says Q get's no IN Nation and the treo does. Can someone help clear up the and help me with the difference with these phones?
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    One is a smartphone (i.e. no Touchscreen) one is a Pocket PC (has a touchscreen.)

    That being said with the memory limitations of the w it really depends on they type of user you are. If you're a basic user who only plans to use the W as it comes out the box with very little third party applications added you'll be okay.

    If you're more of a power user who likes to load a ton of stuff on to your device you won't be happy with the W.

    Both devices have broadband internet capabilities.
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    you must mean 700w not 750.

    i wouldn't get either. wait a little while aand see if the wx comes out. the q is kind of a toyish imho, with poor porr battery life.
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    Yeah I meant 700w.
    Can anybody help with All-Digital,Analog, 1X/EV-DO (800/1900 MHz),1XRRT EV-DO, CDMA2000 Stuff or point me in the right direction.
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    What is it you don't understand?

    They both operate on the same band.

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