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    I am use Treo 700w in Ukraine (CDMA carrier Velton Telekom - Kharkov). Very easy use any voice futures, but over 3 weeks don't possible use broadband access from my carrier (broadband access activated on my account and work great - I am use this function from cloned with my number Samsung SCH-A530). I try change any setting in Treo, carrier technical support also try change any setting, but .... nothing. Support say: any activity from treo to network, when treo indicated in display - connecting...
    Type of network my carrier - B;
    Broadband login and pass - emty, or any simbols
    Broadband access number - #777

    HELP anybody!!!!!!

    P.S. In Kharkov this Treo first. Nothing support in this time.
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    What is this a borat hoax???
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    I certainly appreciate humour, and normally I concern to Ali-G, but would be glad, if to me have helped to adjust the Internet on my Treo
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    Quote Originally Posted by dpierre View Post
    What is this a borat hoax???
    LOL dpierre! I was thinking the same thing! hahaha

    bosenkoa, sorry..I can't help

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