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    Can i install apps simply by placing the .cab anywhere on my SD card? And then putting the sd card in the phone then goto that directory and install? If so can i upgrade the firmware the same way? Or do i need a data cable to do both.
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    Yes you can tap the cab while on the card and it will begin the install. What is the firmware? A prl can be updated OTA. A rom update would be done from a PC with the data cable. Ive never heard of anyone doing a rom update via ir or bluetooth sync. If you have no data cable they can always do the updates for you at your providers service center.
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    What is the diff between a prl and the rom? Do i need to update both or how does that work? All i know is on the palm website they have a update for the handset so is that a ROM update or a PRL?
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    that is a rom update. which is the phones software.

    prl is a preferred roaming list. it has to do with the towers you connect with (signal).

    for the most out of your phone do both. neither will be done with or on you sd card.

    search and read. that's the best advice I can give you.

    hope this helps, cody
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    This is a handy link

    A prl update is a
    and is acquired by calling *2 and requested from sprint and I believe *228 for verizon. It is a minor change to receive a better signal.

    A rom update is a rewrite of the operating system and is typically downloaded from but there isnt one available for sprint. It is a major change which hard resets your device.

    But there is one for verizon
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    Thats what happens when I post........ There's few posts on a page then I start typing a post,,, cut to daughter needing help finding poly pocket,,,,,, other daughter needs more juice,,,,,,,, phone rings,,,,,, one daughter locks other daughter in closet,,,,,,, 1 hour later there are many posts on the page and mine is outdated
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    LoL!! Sounds very familiar.
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    Thanks guys that explains alot. does the rom update really affect the phone much? does it boost the speed or whats covered in that update. Im running a 700w, which im sure has fairly old firmware. should i backup the phonebook / phone before doing this update?
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    Rom updates are always very wonderful things!!!

    Many of us save a link and pull up the palm website once a day in hopes that ours is ready. Absolutely sync with the pc before the update so you have your pim restored but do not restore from a backup program after the rom update. This would be restoring files that are incompatible with the new rom version. It is a pain to piece your ppc back together after the update but its a price were happy to pay. Of course it would be best if these things were perfect right out of the box and never needed an update but thats crazy talk.
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    I have a 700wx so I am not positive about this, but if your phone is relatively new it may have the current update already. the update instructions should guide you for how to verify. Certainly keep your eye out for new updates because they come with new features as well as fixes.

    Also, there is another category of update, separate from a ROM update. An example is the 700wx SMS patch. THIS one can be installed with the .cab from your phone.
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    So i should sync with the pc first, back it up, then install the rom and go from there. Is there anyway i can transfer my phonebook back to the phone without overwriting the new rom files?
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    Yes sync with the pc so your pim (calendar, contacts etc) will be current for restore. Do a backup with a 3rd party application in case you decide to go back to the old rom. Your phone book, calendar etc (pim) is restored and of course does not overwrite needed files when you sync after the update.

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