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    Alright, ive never seen this before and I tried doing a search to find a solution, but didnt see anything mentioned..

    My phone has gone into this weird lockdown mode... anything and everything is now read only aparently as I cannot delete a thing from either my memory stick or my main storage memory.. My phone says I have around 2mb free for storage and around 30 for program memory, so thats not the problem...

    But everytime I want to delete a file it says access denied.

    Also I cannot install cab files, nor can I sync(but I CAN connect and VIEW the files through active sync but If I want to drag and drop a file into or out of the phone through this it says the path is not correct.

    This is a very weird problem, I was hopeing someone here might know the solution.. you know, besides doing a format or whatever O.O
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    I had a similar problem. I had to hard reset and then restore from sprite backup.
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    Not exactly the answer I was hoping for
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    I've got "image" backups and "full" backups. I keep them all on my SD and self extracting sprite exe files. I also backup my SD to my PC. The "image" backups are backups minus mu PIM data and such. It is very easy to just hard reset and get back up and running in like 10 minutes. If you are not using Sprite. Use it and you won't have to worry about hearing the answer you were hoping for...
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    Well I didn't know about it, and I cant install anything on to the phone anymore to back it up.... and I cant transfer stuff FROM the phone either because it wont let me copy files to the SD card! So I loose it all and have to start over.... I think it could just be one setting somewhere that was set off or something maybe... because its so strange...
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    Well, now you know about backing up. Sorry that you lost everything. But your best bet is to start from scratch. Load everything up and create a backup. Good luck.
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    Well I took the plunge... heh.. I wasnt aware palm gave out sprite backup as a free program... wow, wish I knew about this before >_< Im going to be spending a long time redoing ringtones, and reinstalling the dozens of programs I had >_>

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