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    I need help guys!

    I need to set up my e-mail on my phone. It is POP3 e-mail.

    The e-mail address is something like

    Anyway, what do I put for incoming and outgoing mail? I have outlook on my desktop which I would like to use on my phone as well if possible. For that I write my incoming mail that my website guy gave me, and for outgoing it is my optonline, since I have cablevision modem.

    What do I put for outgoing on my phone? Is it the

    Is there a way for me to use outlook? How?


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    If you have a WX you should be able to just add the email address and the phone will find the settings.
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    that won't work for all carriers. you have 3 choices.

    1. on your pc in outlook go and try to edit your account to find the incoming and out going server names.

    2. talk to you company and have them give you this info.

    3. which is what I did when my wx didn't automatically set this. I googles for my providers email setup info. there is a lot of info on setting up outlook for all carriers. these smtp and pop settings will be the same for the wx.

    good luck.

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    When it configures says completed and never moves from there..

    Any ideas?

    Does this take a while?

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    yeah, i know what my settings are for outlook, but will they be exactlly the same for my WX? Remember, this is not exhange, it is my company, but my website guy set up the website, and its on his server.

    I have sprint. does this mean my outgoing settings are going to be like, or will it be like my outlook outgoing which is something like
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    I would say when it says complete, hit the "next" softkey. I know not all email accounts the wx can configure automatically. comcast is one.
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    yeah, it isn't able to do it.

    I set it up with my outgoing as, but when i try to test it to my aol account it says that the email address is not is obviously cause i use it daily.

    Any ideas?

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