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    since 1.5 is burned into the ROM, will loading 1.6 replace it, or just add it as a program?
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    good question, I would say it will over ride the old version. it won't give you the upgrade rpice though due to it not being on the pc. on almost every ppc app the old is removed before new version is installed. you shouldn't have to do anything but install.

    my question is... why.

    1.6 has been found to be a was of money on the treos. bluetooth dialing doesn't work.
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    true, but for some reason, the appointments part of my Voice Command has never worked. When asked "what are my appointments?"...I get digital clicks and a little stutter or two. I was hoping it would correct that.
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    My voice command just up and disappeared on me...Thinking of jumping to 1.6. Anyone else using it and like it or is it virtually the same thing as 1.5?

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