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    Well if you can get UMTS with the AT&T SIM then you could get HSDPA.

    I guess my main point was you need a SIM that gets UMTS to get HSDPA. If the SIM doesn't work for UMTS then you can't get HSDPA with it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silent View Post
    Well, according to Greylion, he's getting voice and HSDPA using an AT&T Wireless SIM. I'll find out as soon as I get my unlock code for the 750c which should be today. I'll keep you all posted.
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    Yep. So I have to see that happens. However, I just contacted Cingular and they had an unlock code ready for me. I tried it and burned the 4th of 5 tries because it didn't work. Cingular requested the code from Palm again. If they get the same one, then they will call Palm directly with me on the line and see if we can resolve the issue. I only got one try left and then it's going up on Ebay as a Cingular Locked 99% new 750.
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    Bottom line.... if you get your 750 from Cingular unlocked, then you CAN use your old blue AT&T sim chip. You automatically will get the UMTS band if you are in UMTS territory. If you have enable the patch, then you will get the HSDPA 3G speeds. You do NOT need the cingular 3G SIM chip to get 3G speeds.

    You MAY and probably will have to add a new connection to AT&T. I personally did not have to do this for the unlocked vodaphone 750v I bought, it just automatically worked. But I have had to manually input the settings with previous devices.

    The only reason I see Cingular saying that you need a new 3G SIM card is that when you get a new SIM card (if you have a blue AT&T card), Cingular forces you to switch from an old AT&T plan to a newer Cingular plan.
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    I started to suspect that as well once I kept reading that some such as yourself were successful. So now my only worry is unlocking this thing. If, for some reason, it does lock down permanently to Cingular, is there really such a thing as "permanent"? Will one of these cable hacks or some such method that I've read about work to unlock it?
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    well. I'm curious if it truly bricks yours device to Cingular. I wonder what would happen if you attempt to re-flash it with a Cingular ROM or a Vodaphone ROM, if it resets the counter.

    Another thing, if Cingular is the one who is giving you the codes and they permanently lock your device by giving you wrong codes... then I would think that they should replace the device with a fresh device.

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    Well, technically the first 2 tries were my mistake thinking it was a SIM unlock, not a subsidy unlock it was asking for. But I could try that argument. Can you believe some guy in Ebay that is selling unlocks at $25 told me that he had problems getting my unlock code but he finally has it and the price is $75?! No, I didn't bid, I just contacted him through email and asked if he could get it and if he could, I would pay him the $25. My mistake was probably contacting him using my business email. He probably thinks I'm a rich attorney instead of the poor student loan ridden attorney I am.

    I wouldn't mind knowing if someone else had some success in resetting the tries by flashing the ROM.
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    Also to clarify one more thing. There is very little info on the sim cards. I have an old white 16K AT&T non logo sim card in my Treo 750v.

    I plugged in the mmode proxy setting to allow the data connection.

    As I stated prior I have UMTS. I hacked the HSPDA upgrade and it works. This only works when I am in the coverage area of UMTS.

    I recommend that you try your AT&T sims in the unlocked treo and see that it works prior to upgrading to cingular and their 64k sims and 3g sims.

    The devil is in the details.

    I hope this helps.

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! It works like a charm! I finally got it unlocked (stupid me, I had forgotten to press the option button for number input). Last night I got a 977kbit/sec on DSL Reports using 600k test. As I write this, I just got a 1172kbit/sec. This is amazing! Now I just have to get used to Windows platform and see what nifty programs are out there!

    Thanks again!!!
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    My pleasure. Technology is great.
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    My understanding is that the only difference between the older AT&T 32K sim cards and the newer Cingular 64K sim cards is that the card can connect to more GSM towers when roaming globally. Here in the US it will not matter and I certainly do not notice any degraded call quality or signal strength using my older AT&T (Cingular Blue) sim. I have heard a lot of inconsistent and contradictory sales motivated nonsense from various Cingular store reps about this and have concluded that they are only trying to motivate me to migrate onto a Cingular orange plan to get me into contract again.

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    Never, I say! The only way they are going to get me off the Charter Plan is if they pry my cold dead fingers off of it! Muahahahaha!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by TMC2K View Post
    You could pay a 3rd party to unlock the phone right now. I did that with a cingular branded phone. I was able to get voice to work but no data connection. I just decided to move to cingular instead of the attws plan. It will cost a bit more, but at least it should work ok. The part that sucks the most is paying for unlimited data and then having to pay additional for txt messages (outbound and inbound).

    FWIW, I'm still having some connect issues with internet connections. I'm pretty sure these are due to my location near a tower that has not been upgraded to UMTS yet. I get swithed between UMTS and GPRS quite a bit.

    I figure its fair to pay the new prices for 3G speeds as an upgrade from ATWS.

    I don't know of a workaround to get UMTS working. Perhaps there are some registry keys that could be edited. Somehow it must check the SIM ID number before allowing access to data.
    What was the 3rd party service that you used to unlock your Cingular branded 750? Could you provide a link to them? Thanks,

    Think First, ask questions later!
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    Quote Originally Posted by thxac3 View Post
    Anyone using the Treo 750v with AT&T's Charter plan? I wanted to know if you are able to get 3g speeds while browsing or downloading files? I am still on the unlimited mMode plan, and every time I call Cingular about something, they want to switch me to a $49.99 data plan.
    I just bought the 750 and I have the old AT&T $99/mo charter plan. I am trying to set it up with my google account and a bellsouth account through outlook. I tried using the Xpress set up but I can not get the phone to download or get on-line.

    Can anyone help?
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    I am curious about this sim issue. Right now I have the original 32k sim from Cingular when I signed up with them back in 2001 and I really don't want to give it up because I have manual network selection option and it really comes in handy in the area that I live in (Blue sucks in my area).

    Has anyone been able to get UMTS speeds with the old 32k cingular sim with the treo 750?
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    Please review the above posts.

    Your Simm card does not determine your UTMS/GPRS speed. It identifies you as the owner of the account and it is the phone number that goes into your gsm phone.

    I have an old 16k AT&T blue sim card and I get UTMS sppeds in areas with UTMS coverage.


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    Silent or Graylion, I know you have mentioned it was successful for you. Any way I get get some more assistance? Or has anyone else been successful? I worked with Cingular for two hours and tried all the settings in this thread and was not successful. Please help.
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    I am an Mmode user, I get voice and pop email using my old Mmode card. I get nothing through my browser though. I am not sure where to put the Proxy or Advanced http settings?

    - General: AT&T/Cingular
    - Modem: Cingular GPRS, Access Point = Null, Username/password/domain = null
    -- Advanced: use server ip address, use ip header, use specific server
    - proxy: This network connects to the internet, uses a proxy,
    -- Advanced: http server = port = 8080, server = localhost, port = 1080 sock4

    I hope that helps just follw the menus though.



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    Actuall I find it, I put in the settings although I can't connect. It says the page cannot be found. My POP emails doesn't work under these settings either. Any suggestions

    Also, I jsut want to clarify that null means I should leave it blank.

    does local host go under wap, secure wap, or socks?

    Any other suggestions?
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    So you get the unlocked Treo750 and you have the At&t charter plan with the blue sim card. You put the sim card in the Treo and it works. Then what?

    You call At&t or go to a store to activate data? Will they activate a data plan (for high speed tethering) knowing you have an old sim card? Ive heard they don't want to activate the 3G Broadband Connect unless you have one of those new sim cards in your phone. Whats the approach to this?


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    Not soo much.

    I had a motorola v551 when I added the 24.95 unlimited mmode on my account. Once it was on I swapped the sim to the unlocked Treo 750. You can not go to any store and talk about the former AT&T they will try to convert you to Cingular/New AT&T. The only way to reach the former AT&T is 611 from your former AT&T phone or the number if you know it or google it, I don't.

    After adding data a swapping the sim follow the instructions listed in this thread.

    Each time I have a problem they try to upgrade me to Cingular/New AT&T, like the borg. We are AT&T we will assimilate your Sim card, resistance is futile.

    Milage will vary with each rep, if you feel the rep you are talking to can not help you ask for a supervisor or bow out and call back.

    I hope this helps.

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